Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey

NEW YORK (Diya TV) – Wall Street gave Nutanix a warm welcome to the market Friday, the software company’s shares opened at $26.50, up 66 percent from their IPO price.

The company’s shares rallied in their first day of trading, resulting in many traders feeling inclined to read something like this “The News Spy Erfahrungen” article to find out how they can get in on the trading action, as well as showing upbeat investor attitudes toward the technology sector in a tepid year for tech initial public offerings. Nutanix shares recently traded at $33.60, more than double their IPO price, which would value the company at nearly $4.7 billion, assuming the offering’s underwriters exercised in full their option to purchase additional shares. The shares initially opened at $26.50 in morning trading, up 66% from their IPO price.

The high-flying stock price put the Nutanix IPO on pace for the best debut of the year, after Twilio rocketed more than 91 percent higher on its first day of trading in June. Amazing returns like this are why more and more people are investing in shares, like these österreichische aktien mit hoher dividende (Austrian shares with high dividends), for example, because it is a great way to make money.

Late Thursday, Nutanix priced shares in its initial public offering at $16 a piece. At that price, the offering was set to raise nearly $274 million for the company, again given the underwriters exercised their so-called over allotment option in full.

The company’s chief executive, Dheeraj Pandey, said that while the instantaneous growth his company saw Friday morning is a good sign, he is hoping to gauge the stock’s “true health” sooner rather than later.

“All I want is a healthy start that doesn’t actually gyrate too high and low,” he said.

Nutanix’s founders have said they emulated techniques used by web giants like Alphabet Inc.‘s Google division and Facebook Inc. to operate massive data centers more economically. The Silicon Valley company merges two classes of data-center hardware-servers and data-storage systems-into a single box. Just how far the trend will go-and which vendors will reap the most benefit-are hotly debated topics.

The company simplifies cloud-computing and cuts costs by letting clients keep some of their data in-house and outsource other pieces to the cloud. It has clients like Aflac, Best Buy, eBay, Honda, financial services providers, health-care companies and the federal government.

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