NEW DELHI  (Diya TV) —  India played host to the G20 gathering of world leaders for the first time and they spared no expense over the last year to showcase their nation, hosting more than 200 meetings in 60 cities across India.

And most importantly were bilateral meetings held throughout the year, including many with the United States.

President Biden and Prime Minister Modi hit the ground running from the moment they reconnected in New Delhi, pushing forward a number of alliances first discussed in Washington this summer, when the President hosted a State event for the Prime Minister.

From defense and trade to investment and innovation, the U.S. and India continue to move forward on initiatives of mutual interest.

But the G20 was not strictly about bolstering U.S.-India relations, which appears to be at an all-time high according to many with deep knowledge of the relationship. 

It’s been a chance for India to promote the Global South, nations that have often been forgotten or historically exploited.

In an emotional moment, Modi announced the African Union would be added to the G20, a sign of leadership, trust and goodwill engendered by India by so many of these nations.

Long term, this summit may be most remembered for an ambitious joint initiative dubbed the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor. The U.S., India, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Germany and the EU have joined forces to stimulate economic development through enhanced connectivity and economic integration across two continents. The effort is expected to pour tens of billions into ensuring these regions are linked above and below the ground more deeply than ever before.

From becoming the fifth largest economy in the world to successful missions to the Moon and Sun, not to mention leading the G20, India has asserted itself at a time China and Russia have lost trust with many nations around the world. In fact, both Xi Jinping and Vladmir Putin decided to skip the summit.

Talk of Russia, China and Ukraine will continue as Election 2024 comes into play for both India and the United States. Prime Minister Modi and President Biden are both up for reelection and face fierce competition from their political rivals. If the events of this summer are any indication, both men are looking to one another to bolster their respective chances.