EDMONTON, Canada  (Diya TV) – In a shocking escalation of gang violence, an 11-year-old boy and his 41-year-old father, Harpreet Uppal, were intentionally shot to death at a busy shopping plaza in southeast Edmonton. The assailants, following Uppal with the intent to end his life, mercilessly killed the father and, upon discovering the son’s presence, deliberately targeted and shot him, dispelling any notion of a tragic mistake.

The incident unfolded at a combined Petro-Canada and A&W near 50th Street and Ellerslie Road, an area bustling with retail establishments and close to residential neighborhoods. The young friend of the deceased boy, who was also in the vehicle during the shooting, managed to escape unharmed.

Edmonton Police Service acting Supt. Colin Derksen, in a press conference, revealed that Uppal had previously been targeted in a shooting two years ago, indicating an alarming pattern of violence. This tragic event underscores a troubling trend of escalating violence in Edmonton, with 196 recorded shootings this year alone, representing a 46% increase from the previous year.

Derksen expressed his dismay at the changing landscape, emphasizing the disregard for the safety of children, families, and innocent bystanders among rival organized crime groups. He highlighted the need for a concerted effort to address the rise in violent incidents, stating, “There’s no longer any respect for children, families, innocent citizens among our rival organized crime groups.”

Harpreet Uppal, well-known to the police as a significant figure in the Edmonton gang and drug scene, was facing charges for cocaine possession and trafficking, along with illegal possession of body armor. The deliberate targeting of Uppal’s son underscores the ruthless power struggle among gangs, a stark departure from previous codes of conduct.

The police are actively investigating the incident, considering possible connections to a burned-out stolen vehicle found nearby. The suspect vehicle in the shooting was identified as a black 2012 BMW X6.