Bikram Choudhury speaks at Riverside Church on May 22, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

LOS ANGELES (Diya TV) — The founder of Bikram yoga has been ordered to turn over the proceeds from his global business empire to help pay a $6.8 million judgement his former legal adviser won against him last year, which stemmed from a sexual harassment and wrongful termination lawsuit.

The ruling by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge orders Bikram Choudhury to turn over to a court-appointed receiver funds from his book sales and from the nearly 700 yoga studios in Europe, Asia and the Americas that pay to use his name.

Carla Minnard, attorney for the former adviser, Minakshi “Miki” Jafa-Bodden, said the orders also require Choudhury to turn over a collection of luxury cars that he owns.

Minakshi “Miki” Jafa-Bodden said in her lawsuit that Choudhury fired her after she refused to help him cover up a rape allegation. Her suit further alleged that Choudhury had improperly touched her. Jafa-Bodden was awarded close to $1 million in compensatory damages and more than $6 million in punitive damages.

Jafa-Bodden worked as Choudhury’s head of legal and international affairs at his Los Angeles office from spring 2011 through March 2013. The 70-year-old has built a global empire around his signature Bikram yoga product, a rigorous, 90-minute routine performed in a room that can reach more than 100 degrees. His techniques are taught at more than 650 yoga studios worldwide and has scores of loyal practitioners.

At the time the award was given last January, Choudhury claimed that he was bankrupt and could not pay the judgement.