DES MOINES, Iowa (Diya TV) — In a recent CNN town hall appearance in Iowa, Republican contender Vivek Ramaswamy addressed questions about his Hindu faith and its compatibility with the ideals of the United States. The US Presidential candidate shared his journey, emphasizing the importance of his Hindu beliefs in guiding his path to presidency.

Ramaswamy boldly declared, “I am Hindu,” dispelling doubts raised by some about the alignment of his faith with the principles on which the nation was founded. Responding to skepticism regarding his eligibility based on religious grounds, he expressed firm disagreement, stating, “I respectfully disagree.”

The candidate delved into his personal history, revealing, “I am a Hindu. I left my faith during teenage years but came back to it much strongly with conviction.” He stressed the need for Hindu Americans to actively preserve their scriptures and keep the faith relevant, urging them to impart Dharmic religious knowledge to the younger generation.

Addressing the perceived incongruity of his Hindu faith with the country’s founding principles, Ramaswamy asserted, “I would rather speak the truth and lose an election than to win by playing political snakes and ladders.” He outlined the core values of his faith, drawing parallels with “Judeo-Christian values,” highlighting the shared commitment to moral duty and the belief that God assigns each individual a purpose.

Ramaswamy emphasized the inclusivity of his faith, stating, “We don’t choose who God works through. God chooses who God works through.” Drawing a historical parallel, he referenced the Old Testament’s Book of Isaiah, recounting the story of God choosing Cyrus, a Gentile in Persia, to lead the Jewish people. In line with these principles, he affirmed, “My faith is what leads me on this journey to run for president.”

The presidential hopeful encouraged a nuanced understanding of faith, asserting that despite different paths, individuals are equal as “God resides in each of us.”