HALF MOON BAY (Diya TV) — Ever since Venture Capitalist, Vinod Khosla bought his Half Moon Bay beach front property, he has been mired in a long-running legal war over public access to his coastal property, Martins Beach. The latest in which Khosla has sued the state agencies for allegedly violating his constitutional rights.

Attorneys representing Khosla filed a lawsuit in federal court late last month against the California Coastal Commission, State Lands Commission and San Mateo County, accusing them of violating his right under the 14th Amendment to equal protection under the law.

Filed Sept. 30, the suit claims there is “a concerted effort by state and local officials to single out, coerce and harass one coastal property and its owner for refusing to cede its private property rights.”

The billionaire claims the defendants have gone after him for “purely personal and political reasons” ever since he decided, in 2010, to break with a decades-long practice under previous owners of allowing the public to drive down to the water at Martins Beach in exchange for a parking fee.

Mark Massara, an attorney for the Surfrider Foundation in one of two lawsuits seeking to restore public access to Martins Beach, a secluded cove just south of Half Moon Bay, called the suit “a laundry list of whining and complaining.”

“I just don’t get these guys,” he said. “The amount of time and money and effort they’re spending, and all they’re doing is blowing smoke.”

The suit additionally appears to ask the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco to strike as unconstitutional a legal statute granting the State Lands Commission, which governs California’s tidal lands, the power to purchase property from private owners.

In an email, Dori Yob, an attorney for Khosla, said the property owner had no choice but to file a federal suit to seek protection from the defendants.

“We, as a matter of principle, are opposed to state and local officials using coercion and harassment to ‘take’ private property rights,” she said. “This is exactly what certain staff of the Coastal Commission and other state agencies have done — engaged in a campaign to extract private property rights from a property owner through extra-judicial harassing and coercive behavior.”

Khosla’s critics argue he still hasn’t taken basic steps to resolve the conflict at the state and local levels.

“They had an opportunity to negotiate with the state in good faith,” said Massara, “and they blew it off.”