Sikh chaplain
Baba Ji was sworn in as Rockford’s first Sikh chaplain.

ROCKFORD (Diya TV) — Baba Ji is ready to serve the Rockford Police Department and the community.

“I’m really really very excited,” Ji, a Sikh American, said.

Baba Ji is a part of the Sikh Temple in Rockford and Friday he was sworn in to the chaplain division of the department.

His duties include providing religious services for the police and fire department, as well as the community. Baba Ji is says it’s important for religious leaders and police to work together for the community.

“That’s the important thing, we religious persons, spiritual persons, will tell the community, the people of Rockford, the police serves you,” he said.

Six officers were also sworn in to the police department today.

Ji was instrumental in the opening of the Nakak Sar Sikh Temple, Rockford’s first Sikh Temple. Before its conception, Sikhs were forced to travel to Chicago, Madison or Milwaukee. Ji saw a need for a more localized location for worship.

During its grand opening, the public got the chance to tour the 30,000 square foot building. Ji says it was important to open the temple to people of other religions so they can better understand what the Sikh faith is about.

“It’s important in these days to tell the identity of the Sikhs. They’re not Islamic state, they’re not terrorists, they are messengers of peace, they are the messengers of religious freedom,” Ji said.

The temple also has space for meditation, conferences, and spiritual lectures.