Indian citizen Paraman Radhakrishnan arrested and charged with terrorizing
Paraman Radhakrishnan was arrested for allegedly telling an airport employee he had a bomb in his bag.

SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — With the latest immigration ban in the US, an Indian citizen Paraman Radhakrishnan who was claims to be on a business trip to the US was detained at the Grand Forks International airport Saturday. The 53-year-old Baroda based man was later arrested Saturday at the Grand Forks International Airport, authorities allege he told an airport employee that he had a bomb in his bag.

While they did not find any bombs in his bags, Radhakrishnan is being held under terrorizing charges. In the meantime, Sushma Swaraj, India’s minister of External Affairs has expressed her concerns over Twitter.

Swaraj tweeted:

Paraman Radhakrishnan was on a week-long business trip in the United States, and was returning home when he checked-in to his flight from North Dakota to Minnesota, according to PTI.

Police were called at 5:15 AM local time Saturday after a ticket agent reported a passenger said he had a bomb in his bag.

“At that time, the TSA agents confirmed exactly what was said at the check-in at the airport, and at that time the decision was made then to evacuate the airport and the subject was taken into custody,” said Jay Middleton of the Grand Forks Police.

In addition to the local police, due to the nature of the threat multiple other agencies were called including the Grand Forks Regional Bomb Squad. Officials say after checking the bags no further threat was assessed and the airport re-opened after the brief evacuation.

Operations at the airport were suspended while the Grand Forks Regional Bomb Squad “evaluated the validity of the threat,” police said in a statement.

Middleton said the leading theory behind what might have caused the suspect to make these threats could be his frustrations perhaps with the airport staff. However, regardless of the reason he said, any threat of this nature at an airport is taken seriously.

Paraman Radhakrishnan is currently being held at the Grand Forks County Correctional Center under the charges of terrorizing and while these charges are local, Grand Forks police believe its possible he could face federal charges in the future.