DHAKA, Bangladesh (Diya TV) — A Bangladesh court granted bail to Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus in a high-profile embezzlement case involving $2.3 million. Yunus, acclaimed for his pioneering work in microcredit to alleviate poverty, had previously faced a six-month prison sentence for violating labor laws but was also granted bail in that instance, pending an appeal.

Prosecutor Mir Ahmmad Ali Salam outlined the allegations, stating that the embezzlement case revolves around a workers’ welfare fund of Grameen Telecom, a major stakeholder in Bangladesh’s leading mobile phone company, Grameenphone. The charges include embezzlement exceeding 250 million takas, accompanied by accusations of money laundering. It is alleged that the diverted funds were intended for trade union leaders rather than benefiting the ordinary workers as intended.

During the court proceedings, Yunus and seven other defendants appeared, while six others were notably absent. Defense counsel Abdullah Al Mamun vehemently asserted their innocence in the matter.

The legal saga surrounding Yunus has garnered international attention, with over 170 global leaders and Nobel laureates calling upon Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to suspend legal proceedings against him. Supporters of Yunus argue that he has been unfairly targeted due to strained relations with Hasina. However, the government has consistently refuted these allegations.