STANFORD, Calif.  (Diya TV) — The Stanford India Policy and Economics Club (SIPEC) recently hosted their inaugural all-day conference titled “Stanford India Dialogue: The Leaders of Tomorrow” at the Stanford Faculty Club in California. This event, broadcast live on Diya TV, marked a significant milestone as the first of its kind on the West Coast, according to Stanford professor Dr. Anurag Mairal, who is a founding member of SIPEC.

Dr. Srikar Reddy, the Consul General of India in San Francisco, delivered the opening address of the conference. He highlighted ambitious economic projections, foreseeing India’s economy reaching $35 trillion by 2047 and eventually surpassing the U.S. economy by 2060. Reddy emphasized the role of attendees in India’s economic growth, envisioning them as partners in the country’s development.

He also discussed the potential impact on remittances, anticipating a 2% reduction due to economic growth. Last year alone, the Indian diaspora, including the 5 million-strong community in the U.S., contributed $125 billion in remittances.

Following Reddy’s speech, Sripriya Ranganathan, Deputy Chief of Mission in Washington D.C., expressed gratitude for the strong bilateral ties between India and the U.S. 

Ranganathan highlighted the significant increase in Indian students studying in the U.S., from 50,000 in 2000 to 337,000 today.

Encouraging attendees to foster collaboration and cultural exchange, Ranganathan stressed the importance of maintaining connections with India. She urged them to bring their learnings back to India and engage in partnerships both on and off campus, emphasizing the potential for significant dividends in the future.

As a student-led initiative, the Stanford India Dialogue provided a strong platform for meaningful discussions on economic growth, cultural exchange, and bilateral relations between India and the U.S. and they expect to expand the range of discussions even further next year.

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