Golchi bottle
The Golchi bottle has been nominated for a Chicago Innovation Award.

CHICAGO (Diya TV) — After the Indian-American couple of Ankita and Harsh Garg posted their idea for a bottle that can store multiple liquids and allow you to control the temperature on Kickstarter, it raised close to $400,000. It became one of the most popular thermos campaigns in crowdfunding history.

Now, the Golchi bottle has resulted in the Garg’s being nominated for a Chicago Innovation Award.

Awarded annually since 2002, the Chicago Innovation Awards seek to highlight the creative spirit of the city by focusing attention on the most significant new products and services introduced in the region.

“Ankita and I began our journey with Golchi a year and a half ago when we decided to revolutionize the everyday bottle and bring added convenience to people who use multiple bottles to carry their beverages every day,” Harsh said. “Our product was an outcome of our personal experiences.”

In addition to its rave reviews in the U.S., the Golchi bottle also has supporters in the UK, Australia, Malaysia, India and several other countries.


“We are thankful to the Kickstarter community that has showed tremendous support to Golchi,” Ankita said. “We are also humbled by the extensive media coverage that Golchi has received from across the globe in the last two months.”

In immediate recognition of the product’s many supporters, the Garg’s have decided their next bottle will have a modified skyline design. It will include signature landmarks, skyscrapers or monuments each from the top 15 countries in the Golchi community. “Now people can carry their favorite city on their favorite gear,” Ankita said.

The Golchi bottle’s acuum-insulated compartments will keep cold drinks chilling for 24 hours and hot drinks piping hot for 12 hours. It also comes with a temperature gauge, so there’s never any doubt which compartment has the cold and hot liquids. Golchi also comes with an add-on, collapsible tea infuser.

“Technology has transformed many products and we knew that the everyday bottle had room for major improvements,” Harsh said. “This truly is an all-in-one bottle that will be the last bottle you’ll ever need to buy because Golchi is designed for convenience for all different lifestyles on the go. The days of carrying around multiple bottles are over.”