WILMINGTON, Delaware (Diya TV) — It’s not a complete surprise, but it’s historic nonetheless – former Vice President Joe Biden named California Senator Kamala Harris to his Presidential ticket. Next week, they will take the virtual stage at the Democratic National Convention as the challengers to President Trump and Vice President Pence in November. Harris, who is Black and Indian American, will be the first Asian American to be on a presidential ticket. We will have a full rundown of her career and why she overcame challengers like Senator Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Val Demings for the post. And we’ll go in depth on the effect her candidacy will have on the Indian American voter, a group that has long voted Democratic, but is actively being courted by Republicans, led by President Trump.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues globally, the numerical milestones continue to stun. There are now 20 million cases reported around the world. The total afflicted in the United States is now over 5 million, with more than 164,000 deaths.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.