WASHINGTON (Diya TV) — Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden announced today his running make will be Indian American Senator from California, Sen. Kamala Harris. This etches a moment within the halls of the United States’ history, as Harris now becomes the first Indian American & first woman of color to be a Vice Presidential candidate for a major party. 
Sen. Harris talks to Diya TV’s Ravi Kapur about AAPI engagement in the upcoming elections

A daughter of Jamaican & Indian immigrants, Sen. Harris has been a stalwart within the democratic party. It wasn’t too long ago she annouced her very own presidential bid in her hometown of Oakland, California. However she dropped out of the race early on, and many speculated then she would be the VP candidate for a Biden Harris ticket. 

With major news organizations identifying her as ‘Black’, ‘African American’, many wonder if Sen. Harris identifies as Indian American. Each time she spoke with Diya TV she referred to her Indian roots proudly and fondly reminisced her childhoold growing up with a Jamaican father & a South Indian mother.