ATLANTA (Diya TV) — Georgia’s legislature has issued two resolutions, one from the Senate designating October 2024 as Hindu Heritage Month and the other from the House recognizing November 1, 2024, as Diwali Day.

The proclamations, presented during an event titled “Building Bridges and Connecting Communities” to the Coalition of Hindus of North America (CoHNA), mark a significant milestone for the Indian community in Georgia.

Last year, Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp had acknowledged Hinduism as the third largest religion globally, with nearly four million Hindu devotees in the United States alone. Building on this recognition, the Senate’s proclamation emphasizes the state’s commitment to embracing diversity and fostering understanding among its residents.

The House resolution highlighting Diwali, a festival celebrated by over 200,000 people in Georgia and millions across the country, underscores its significance as a symbol of light triumphing over darkness and good prevailing over evil.

CoHNA expressed gratitude to Rep Karl Gilliard, Sen Shawn Still, Sen Emanuel Jones, Senator Donzella James, State Representative Carter Barrett, and State Representative Todd Jones for their leadership in passing these resolutions, which serve to recognize and honor the Hindu American community of Georgia.