WASHINGTON DC (Diya TV) — Indian American Dr. Vin Gupta has taken himself out of the running for a top medical adviser position at the Food and Drug Administration. Gupta is a pulmonologist and NBC medical analyst, and was in line to handle messaging for the FDA on a range of high-profile issues including Covid-19 and tobacco. Gupta was picked by President Biden but says the job would have required him to be away from his young family in Seattle so that played a big role in turning down the offer.

Rishi Sunak is positioning himself to become Britain’s next Prime Minister. He won the biggest backing from Conservative lawmakers in the first vote to choose who will succeed Boris Johnson as party leader and British prime minister. If the former finance minister wins, he would become the first British Indian to lead the country. 

A new report shows Islamists, white nationalists, and other extremists are sharing hate speech and hate-filled memes about Hindus on social media. The research was led by a Rutgers University senior, who used machine learning to explore the social media landscape for anti-Hindu disinformation.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.