NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (Diya TV) – A vehicle explosion at the Rainbow Bridge, connecting the U.S. and Canada at Niagara Falls, raised security concerns, leading to temporary closures of key border crossings. Two victims, identified as Kurt P. Villani and Monica Villani, lost their lives in the incident, prompting investigations and heightened security measures during the Thanksgiving travel period.

The explosion occurred when the victims’ Bentley crashed and caught fire, resulting in a fiery blast. Despite witness accounts and security footage capturing the dramatic incident, New York Governor Kathy Hochul stated there’s no indication of terrorism, and the FBI found no explosive materials during its investigation.

The Rainbow Bridge, popular among tourists, faced a temporary shutdown, along with other U.S.-Canada border crossings. The incident prompted increased security at airports, with law enforcement on heightened alert. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau affirmed collaboration with U.S. authorities, acknowledging the seriousness of the situation.

While the Rainbow Bridge and other crossings have resumed normal operations, the tragedy serves as a reminder of the need for ongoing vigilance during major travel periods. Investigations into the incident are ongoing, with the Niagara Falls Police Department conducting a traffic investigation. U.S. Attorney Trini E. Ross assures continued scrutiny, emphasizing a commitment to ensuring public safety amid the holiday season.