SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — Online retailers based in the U.S. have once again come under scrutiny for branding products with images of Hindu religious symbols and deities, selling footwear with Om and beer with Lord Ganesha’s illustrations on its label.

Official complaints against the retailers have been filed at New Delhi’s Prashant Vihar police station by Naresh Kadyan, an animal rights advocate who is also a commissioner at Bharat Scouts & Guides.

According to the report, the first complaint, issued against, states that the Om symbol is affiliated with religious feelings and beliefs of Hindu communities across the universe. The Arizona-based website is currently still selling the item.

The complaint further reads “Deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs, violated the different sections of the laws of land including 295 A and 153 A of the IPC,”

However, the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) believes these are more acts of ignorance, rather than malice. Senior Director and Human Rights Fellow for HAF, Samir Kalra exclusively told Diya TV,

“In our past experience though, these types of instances arise from ignorance rather than malice and consequently education, dialogue, and awareness about the sacred nature of Hindu religious symbols and deities are normally the best course of action.”

Kalra added, ” While it is true that sacred symbols and images are used on a variety of products, there are certain uses that are not entertained due to religious and cultural beliefs and practices—placing sacred imagery on items intended to be walked upon being foremost among these. Even when an Om is used in items or decorations that might be placed on the ground, Hindus routinely take extra measures to not inadvertently step on it because of this respect for the sacred.”

While larger retailers such as have been in hot water over similar issues, sometimes even involving tweets from Indian government officials, they reacted by immediately taking the items in question, off their sites.

The second complaint was filed against lostcoast.coma California-based brewery, for using Ganesha illustrations on beer bottles.

Kalra added, “we plan to reach out to yesvibe to engage them in a dialogue about the issue.”

Deepti Dawar contributed to this report.