WASHINGTON DC (Diya TV) — US secretary of state Antony Blinken says America is reassessing it’s relationship with Pakistan.  Blinken noted that the country had harboured members of the Taliban, Al Qaeda including Osama Bin Laden and terrorists from the Haqqani Network. 

Meanwhile the U.S. House of Representatives Rules Committee will meet to review several amendments supported by the Hindu American Foundation that could punish Pakistan for its alleged ties to terrorism. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom will keep his job after a recall initiative to remove the Democrat from office failed in the nation’s largest state. Newsom was facing a recall drive sparked mainly over accusations that he mishandled his state’s response to Covid-19.

Bangalore, India based media technology company Amagi says it’s raised another $100 million to expand the company. Amagi provides cloud broadcast and targeted advertising software so customers can monetize their content over broadcast TV and streaming TV platforms. 

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.