TORONTO (Diya TV) — A disturbing video capturing a Toronto pizza delivery driver facing racist abuse from a customer has sparked outrage on social media. The encounter, recorded by the customer and shared on TikTok, showcases the delivery agent, of South Asian descent, being subjected to derogatory remarks and verbal harassment.

The incident unfolded during a routine delivery from the Canadian pizza chain “Pizza Pizza,” where the delivery driver, holding a $20 bill provided by the customer, faced demands for immediate change in cash. The video, titled “Me vs. the Pizza Man,” begins with the customer aggressively instructing the driver to contact customer service.

As the driver attempts to comply, the customer launches into a tirade, hurling insults and racial slurs at the young delivery agent. Despite the driver’s efforts to explain the situation to customer service, the abuse continues, with the customer refusing to accept any resolution that doesn’t align with his demands.

Throughout the video, the customer’s disparaging remarks escalate, with mocking imitations of the driver’s accent and relentless profanity aimed at the visibly distressed delivery agent. Despite the driver’s professionalism and attempts to diffuse the situation, the customer persists in his aggressive behavior, even daring the driver to retrieve the food from the floor.

In a distressing display of entitlement and disrespect, the customer adamantly refuses to cooperate, dismissing the delivery agent’s attempts to rectify the issue. As the situation reaches its boiling point, the driver is forced to leave without completing the delivery, bearing the brunt of the customer’s vile language and unwarranted hostility.

The video has ignited a wave of condemnation on social media, with many users expressing solidarity with the delivery agent and denouncing the customer’s appalling behavior. Amidst growing concerns over racial discrimination and the mistreatment of service workers, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by individuals in the service industry.