HYDERABAD (Diya TV) — In a heartwarming tale of innovation, 17-year-old prodigy Hemesh Chadalavada from Hyderabad has developed the groundbreaking Alpha Monitor, a wearable device designed to aid those battling Alzheimer’s. Inspired by his grandmother’s struggles with the disease, Chadalavada’s invention surpasses existing options by utilizing long-range technology (LoRa), allowing detection from over a mile away in cities and three miles in the countryside.

Chadalavada, known for his previous creations, including a ‘heat detector’ at the age of 12, embarked on this journey after witnessing his grandmother’s challenges. The Alpha Monitor, a compact and lightweight wearable, not only triggers an alarm when the wearer moves but also measures pulse and temperature. Going beyond conventional devices, Chadalavada aims to incorporate machine-learning technology to predict patients’ movement patterns.

In 2018, during a blissful summer with his grandmother, Chadalavada discovered her Alzheimer’s diagnosis when she left the gas on. Fueled by empathy, he decided to create a gadget to assist people like his grandmother. Spending time in a day center for Alzheimer’s patients, he gained insights into their needs, leading to the development of the Alpha Monitor.

Having won accolades, including the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar (Prime Minister’s Children’s Prize) and the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest grant, Chadalavada is poised to launch the Alpha Monitor commercially by September. Despite his success, the teenager remains focused on affordability, ensuring the device benefits a broad spectrum of users.

Chadalavada, currently immersed in his 12th board exams, envisions a future studying robotics and electronics, transforming his passion into a career aimed at creating products to help people worldwide. From Alzheimer’s wearables to AI-driven career counseling apps, Chadalavada’s journey exemplifies the fusion of compassion and technology, making a tangible impact on real-world challenges.