Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal vowed to fight President Trump’s immigration ban.

WASHINGTON (Diya TV) — Seattle freshman congresswoman Pramila Jayapal introduced her first House bill Monday, aimed at guaranteeing legal counsel to individuals detained while trying to enter the U.S.

Her legislation follows weeks of chaos at American airports during the initial rollout of President Trump’s immigration executive order, which has now become the focus of a nationwide legal battle.

“The day after the President signed his inhumane Muslim Ban executive order, innocent men, women, and children at Seattle-Tacoma and airports across the country were detained and barred from entering the United States without any access to counsel,” Rep. Jayapal wrote in a press release explaining the bill. “To uphold principles of due process and fair treatment, this bill will ensure the government gives individuals access to an attorney.”

Under Jayapal’s legislation, Customs and Border Protection, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents would be required to provide access to counsel, including to non-citizens. Currently, non-citizens trying to enter the U.S. without authorization do not have a right to be represented by an attorney, unless the individual has become the focus of a criminal investigation, according to Department of Homeland Security.

A companion piece of legislation was introduced in the Senate by freshman California Senator Kamala Harris last week.

Critics of the proposal say the legislation is unlikely to pass, especially in a Republican-controlled Congress.

While the bill does not specify cost analysis, a spokesperson for Jayapal’s office says the additional legal services would not come at the cost of taxpayers.

Instead, the bill would guarantee access to attorneys from various groups interested in helping. The legislation also calls for providing phone or video conference, if an attorney cannot meet in person.

Read the bill in its entirety here.