(Diya TV) — Prime Minister Narendra Modi was recently ranked as the world’s most powerful people, but he won’t be making the Forbes list any time soon—Modi’s net worth saw a slight climb this year, he’s now worth Rs 14 million, or $20,605 U.S. He’s seen his value climb drastically in recent years, thanks in large part to his residential property in the city of Gandhinagar, which has increased in value by more than 25 times since it was purchased 13 years ago.

According to a recent report released by the Prime Minister’s office, his assets increased from Rs 12.6 million, $18,545 U.S., to Rs 14 million since August 2014. However, Modi saw his liquid value decrease to Rs 4,700, down fall from Rs 38,700, $570 U.S., in the last fiscal year.

Honorably, Prime Minister Modi does not own any vehicles, aircrafts, yachts, or ships. With his modest salary equalling $30,000 U.S. per year, ranking him the 12th highest-paid among heads of state, according to CNN, Modi’s only vice might be his hands—the four gold rings he dons are estimated to be worth $1,751 U.S.

Modi keeps no bank accounts in the Indian capital city of Delhi, but instead in his home state Gujarat. He has also invested in life insurance policies, tax saving bonds and schemes. The assets of Modi’s wife, Jashodhaben, however, remain unknown.