Hillary Clinton advisor and CEO of the Center for American Progress, Neera Tanden
Hillary Clinton advisor and CEO of the Center for American Progress, Neera Tanden

PHILADELPHIA (Diya TV) — Indian-American Neera Tanden was officially introduced to the world of national politics on Wednesday evening as she addressed the gathering at the Democratic National Convention.

“I know firsthand that the decisions our leaders make, make all of the difference in peoples’ lives,” Tanden said during her speech. “That’s why I chose a career in public policy, and that’s why I am so very proud to support Hillary Clinton.”

A long-time supporter of the Democratic presidential nominee, Tanden currently serves as the president of the Center for American Progress, a Washington-based progressive public policy research, and advocacy organization. She was the only Indian American to receive an invitation to speak at this year’s convention.

“I am so proud to have addressed the #DemsInPhilly because I’m only where I am because of the policies of the Dem party,” Tanden tweeted after delivering the speech at the convention on Wednesday.

The 45-year-old Massachusetts native was born to Indian parents, and is expected to hold a prominent position within the Clinton administration, should she be elected. She has already played a pivotal role in the development and shaping of some key policies within the Democratic party, including in President Obama’s administration.

A Yale University graduate, Tanden previously served as the domestic policy director for Barack Obama’s campaign.

Taking on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Tanden told reporters on Wednesday, “He has been very antagonistic towards all immigrants. He does not have a very clear picture of who an American is. And I do not think that is really welcoming among the South Asian community.”

Speaking earlier in the day at a Politico conference on the election and the economy, Tanden voiced a clear opinion on one matter: “All of our policies must raise median wages for American workers … (Hillary Clinton) is going to focus her presidency on rising inequality and stagnant wages.”

Tanden also vowed to focus on the “challenges of short-term-ism in the corporate culture.”

In closing she remarked, “For Hillary, politics is about fighting for people. Not when the cameras are on, but when they are off. Not when the decisions are easy, but when they are hard.  She’s a leader we can have faith in. And she’ll be a president we can count on to always have our back.”