NEW YORK (Diya TV) — Mindy Kaling, the Indian American writer and executive producer, is making a comeback to Hulu with her latest project, “Murray Hill,” a single-camera comedy centered around the lives of five ambitious twenty-somethings in New York City. Hulu, in a competitive move, secured the series with a script-to-series commitment, marking a significant return for Kaling to the streaming platform where her previous show, “The Mindy Project,” found success.

“Murray Hill” follows the journey of young professionals navigating their careers and personal lives in the vibrant neighborhood of Manhattan. Kaling, excited about the project, shared her enthusiasm on Facebook, expressing her joy at returning to work with Hulu.

The series is part of Kaling’s overall deal with Warner Bros. TV, with her production company, Kaling International, taking on executive production duties alongside Howard Klein from 3 Arts Entertainment. Jessica Kumai Scott, also from Kaling International, serves as co-executive producer.

Hulu’s decision to greenlight “Murray Hill” comes after the platform’s successful run with “The Mindy Project,” which it rescued after Fox’s cancellation in 2015. Kaling’s previous show became a staple on Hulu, showcasing the platform’s commitment to original content.

Apart from “Murray Hill,” Kaling is actively involved in other projects, including a Netflix comedy series featuring Kate Hudson and a Max series titled “The Sex Lives of College Girls.” With a string of successful ventures under her belt, Kaling’s return to Hulu promises to deliver more engaging and entertaining content to audiences.