SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — The battle for California’s 16th Congressional District will have three candidates on the November ballot after Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian and California Assembly member Evan Low received exactly 30,249 votes.

Former San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo already clinched the top spot. But all three Democrats will now have a few months to build up their ground game and messaging for the general election.

A three-way runoff is a rare sight in California since the adoption of the top two primary system in 2012.

Low expressed gratitude to his supporters, emphasizing the importance of every vote in shaping the electoral outcome. Meanwhile, Simitian highlighted the meticulous efforts of election officials in ensuring the integrity of the electoral process.

While the tie presents a unique scenario in California politics, it also poses strategic challenges for the candidates, particularly Liccardo, who now faces an additional opponent in the general election. With the district historically leaning Democratic, the race is expected to intensify as candidates vie for the support of Democratic, Republican, and independent voters.

Despite the possibility of a recount, neither Low nor Simitian has shown intent to challenge the results, signaling a collective focus on the upcoming campaign.

As the California Secretary of State prepares to certify the election on April 12, the stage is set for a consequential showdown in one of the state’s wealthiest and politically significant districts.