TORONTO (Diya TV) — Tejeshwar Kalia, an Indian international student, faces the prospect of imprisonment after defending himself during a robbery attempt at a Circle K convenience store in Peterborough, Canada.

In January, Kalia encountered a man wielding a baseball bat who entered the store, demanding money. Amid the chaos, Kalia was struck in the head and spine by the assailant. Reacting in self-defense, Kalia managed to disarm the attacker and struck him twice as he attempted to flee.

Kalia, fearing for his life, reported to the authorities that he had been threatened with a knife during the confrontation.

Despite the circumstances, Kalia is now charged with aggravated assault, potentially leading to a sentence of up to 14 years in prison. In contrast, the perpetrator received an 18-month sentence for the robbery, reduced to 14 months with time served.

This case has ignited public outcry, with many expressing support for Kalia in his legal battle. A GoFundMe campaign has been initiated to aid in covering his living expenses and legal fees.