Ministry-of-Supply-headshotNEW DELHI (Diya TV) – For business professionals, frequent travel and unpredictable weather often times make it difficult to decide on attire when packing for trips. Aman Advani, while studying at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, set up a innovative and high-tech line of men’s clothing, inspired by the suits NASA astronauts wear in space.

Ministry of Supply, Advani’s company, seeks to reinvent business wear to include the benefits of athletic gear. Phase change materials have been used in the development of the clothing, which regulates body temperatures.

“As an engineer, you’re taught to tinker, which has always been natural to me. With dress socks, in particular, the solution was simple,” Advani said during a recent interview with Span Magazine.

He said he took his favorite pair of Nike socks and sewed them inside of some of the most frequent clothing items he wore to work. Well, his mother provided the alteration assistance.

“With my mom’s help on the sewing machine, I had an easy route to testing and proving that a simple mash-up was better than the incumbent.”

He serves as the CEO of the brand, and met his co-founders while attending MIT.

“We were introduced to each other since we stood out from the rest of the start-up crowd. There aren’t too many fashion entrepreneurs at MIT. We all saw a near identical picture of a brand that stood for so much more than a mixture of technology and style.”

They drew inspiration from a popular character of the James Bond movie franchise, Advani said. In fact, in a data study that was recently conducted, James Bond has been known to inspire thousands of people. It seems that some of the top casino films can encourage someone to follow their passions. Perhaps people should watch the 21 best casino films more often!

“We love our name’s story. It represents the “empathetic inventor;” where Q, from the James Bond films, gets Bond ready for anything while always looking sharp.

“As the lines between work, play, and downtime continue to blur, we need essential garments that keep up with our entire day.”

“We’ve set out to achieve that versatility through capable garments that actually fit the human body and are easy to care for and wear, no matter what you choose to do in them,” the company website said.