NEW DELHI (Diya TV) — In a daring overnight operation, the Indian Navy successfully rescued 23 Pakistani fishermen from the clutches of Somali pirates in the Arabian Sea. The mission, which lasted over 12 hours, saw the pirates surrender without a single shot being fired, ensuring the safe return of the crew.

The operation unfolded on March 29 when the Indian Navy’s warship INS Sumedha intercepted the hijacked vessel, FV Al-Kambar, in coordination with missile frigate INS Trishul. Employing coercive tactical measures as per standard operating procedures (SOPs), the navy compelled the pirates to surrender, securing the release of the Pakistani nationals unharmed.

This marks the second such operation where the Indian Navy has successfully coerced pirates into surrendering without resorting to violence. Earlier this month, the INS Kolkata thwarted another pirate attack, compelling over 30 Somalian pirates to surrender and rescuing the crew from a merchant vessel serving as a mother ship.

The swift response of the Indian Navy underscores its commitment to maritime security and the safety of seafarers navigating perilous waters. With piracy incidents on the rise in the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), the navy has intensified its efforts to combat piracy threats.

Prior to the recent operation, the Indian Navy had responded to 18 piracy incidents, deploying 21 ships and 5,000 personnel in rotation, boarding and investigating over 1,000 vessels. The navy’s proactive stance has been instrumental in deterring piracy activities and safeguarding maritime interests.

The successful rescue operation exemplifies India’s resolve to uphold international maritime laws and combat piracy in the region. As the Indian Navy continues its efforts to maintain maritime security, its decisive actions serve as a beacon of hope for seafarers and shipping companies operating in the region.

Moreover, the Indian Navy’s response to piracy incidents extends beyond mere rescue operations. It also involves strategic planning, intelligence gathering, and coordinated efforts to counter piracy threats effectively. The navy’s presence in the Arabian Sea and the IOR serves as a deterrent to pirate activities, ensuring safe passage for maritime traffic.

In addition to combating piracy, the Indian Navy plays a crucial role in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) operations. Its swift response to distress calls and coordinated rescue efforts have saved countless lives and earned international acclaim.

Looking ahead, the Indian Navy remains vigilant in its mission to maintain maritime security and protect the interests of the nation and its allies. Through continuous training, modernization, and strategic partnerships, the navy strives to stay ahead of emerging threats and uphold its status as a formidable maritime force in the region.