SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is leaving store shelves empty in the U.S. and many Indian restaurant owners are now scrambling to find wheat and flour since it’s at the center of so many dishes. Making matters worse, India is the world’s second-largest wheat producer, but it recently banned international exports of the crop due to record heat waves and also blamed the invasion of Ukraine.

Officials say a 32-year-old Indian man from India fell and died as he tried to climb a massive fence called the Trump Wall at the US-Mexico border. The man and 40 others including his wife and child were trying to illegally cross from Tijuana into San Diego before the tragedy.

A notorious French serial killer Charles Sobhraj has been released from prison in Nepal after 19 years. The Supreme Court had ordered him freed because of poor health, good behavior and having served more than 75% of his sentence. Sobraj is half Indian and was featured in the 2021 Netflix drama “The Serpent”.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.