NEW DELHI (Diya TV) — Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is listening to the voice of his people. Now agreeing to repeal the controversial farm laws after a year of protests and social unrest across the country. The Farmers fought three laws which they said left them open to exploitation by large corporations and could destroy their livelihoods. Modi said it was always his intention to help them. 

In a partial victory for spouses of immigrant workers in the US, they will no longer need to apply for work authorization. A US court reached a settlement for a class-action lawsuit, directing the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services  to allow up to 180 days for an auto extension on work authorization for spouses of L-1 and H1B visa holders.

A rough debut for Indian tech IPO Pay TM, down more than 27 percent on it’s first day of trading. but the digital payments company still minted hundreds of new millionaires, and joins the growing list of dynamic start ups coming out of India.