NEW DELHI, India (Diya TV) – With cryptocurrency prices soaring, and many people now turning their attention toward a mini doge miner to help get a feel for the money that they could receive through cryptocurrency, its use in India has become a major flashpoint, and it’s enough to move the market. Despite confusion over a possible ban, India is getting closer to regulating cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said she wants to foster innovation in crypto and is not closing their minds on what all that may entail. This news has made a lot of Indian crypto fanatics start looking into the Crypto Miner Bros scam, seeing if it’s real or not. This way, they will be able to start mining them once the currencies are regulated because they’ll have the right equipment for it.

Cryptocurrencies have risen throughout the financial world with more and more people wanting to invest and trade with them, so getting involved seems like a positive step forward for digital currency adaptability. Not everyone knows about how cryptocurrencies work, that is why looking into key phrases like “can you buy crypto on commsec?” can help people better understand how they can possibly use it. It will be interesting to see how India adapts to this.

Under new US federal law, crowdfunding campaigns will now be able to raise up to $5 million per year. Sahil Lavingia, CEO of Gumroad, was the first to take advantage of the change. His website allows creators to sell products directly to consumers. In less than a day, he raised the full $5 million and thinks this will be a huge opportunity for startups moving forward.

New York City is using $65 million in Covid-19 relief funds to help out taxi drivers with zero interest loans. But some are wondering if it’s too little too late. Many cabbies are South Asian and were already struggling to repay loans before the coronavirus hit and have been financially devastated by a massive drop in ridership last year.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.