NEW DELHI (Diya TV) — The Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India and the India Taipei Association sealed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on labor cooperation via video conferencing. This agreement marks a significant step forward in bilateral economic collaboration, tackling the labor shortages faced by Taiwan in various sectors.

While the specifics of the deal are yet to be disclosed, negotiations between Taiwan and India commenced as early as 2020, with talks interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Following the resumption of discussions post-pandemic, the content of the agreement was largely finalized by September last year.

The agreement is a response to Taiwan’s pressing need for additional workers in industries such as manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and fisheries. The aging population and declining birth rate in Taiwan have heightened the demand for foreign workers, surpassing the supply from countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Earlier rumors on social media suggesting that the agreement would facilitate the entry of 100,000 Indian migrant workers into Taiwan were debunked by Taiwan Labor Minister Hsu Ming-chun, cautioning against misinformation.

Taiwanese Representative to India, Baushuan Ger, highlighted the fruitful discussions on labor mobility, education, and agricultural cooperation during a recent meeting with India’s Mizoram state Chief Minister, Lalduhoma. The collaboration presents exciting opportunities for both nations.

India, having similar agreements with several countries like Japan, Denmark, the U.K., France, and Israel, adds Taiwan to its list of strategic partnerships for labor cooperation and talent mobility.

As Taiwan grapples with the challenges of an aging population and a declining birth rate, the signed MoU signifies a proactive step towards addressing the nation’s workforce shortages, offering a promising outlook for economic growth and sustainability.