SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — Sujit Choudhry, the former dean of UC Berkeley’s law school, resigned from his post after a former employee sued him for sexual harassment. The embattled Choudhry recently dropped his lawsuit against the university, according to a report from The Daily Californian.

Choudhry filed his lawsuit in September against the UC Board of Regents and other related parties, alleging that the university had racially discriminated against him in its disciplinary proceedings and attempted to deprive him of his reputation and career.

Choudhry filed a motion to stop the campus from pursuing disciplinary proceedings against him, but that motion was denied by a United States district judge Nov. 11.

He was sued for sexual harassment in March by his executive assistant Tyann Sorrell. Choudhry made unwanted advances toward her and kissed her, she alleged. Choudhry resigned as dean and currently remains a tenured law professor but is not assigned to teach any classes this semester.

Sorrell made her return to the campus on Nov. 11, she arrived to work as an executive assistant in the office of the Berkeley Law dean. Sorrell said, however, she can only work three days a week because of her ongoing medical treatment as necessitated by Choudhry’s alleged misconduct, adding that her part-time pay is insufficient because she is being forced to use her sick and vacation days in order to accommodate this schedule.