WASHINGTON (Diya TV) — As part of “The Public Interest with Ravi Kapur,” Republican state Rep. Niraj Antani of the 42nd district in Ohio discussed his focus as a state official amidst the whirlwind 2018 midterms.

Q: How do you position yourself to reach out to those independents and those folks that look at things nationally differently, but they also want someone to look after them at home?

A: Obviously, the President is a controversial figure. Republicans love him, democrats hate him. My focus is on solving problems. At the end of the day, we have to solve problems. I think the President’s tax reform was a good thing. There are things that he does that I agree with. There are things that he does that I don’t agree with. But as a state official, my focus is on doing my job and serving my constituents. I think that not only in our community, but in all communities, we need a little less partisan grandstanding and a little more problem solving. Unfortunately I think the partisan grandstanding is at its best … politics has sort of become a real reality TV show. But being a real reality TV show means that it affects real people. So my focus is on trying to solve the problems that we have with over-taxation, overregulation, a workforce development crisis and the many other problems that we face.