WASHINGTON (Diya TV) — One week after Rep. Keith Ellison — a current candidate for Chair of the Democratic National Committee — took part in a conference call with more than 30 leaders from the Hindu and Indian-American communities, he released a statement to clarify his contested record over legislation regarding India.

The call was organized by the Hindu American Foundation, after the advocacy group had voiced concern over Ellison’s legislative record.

“As we discussed, I will do more to integrate the concerns and aspirations of the Hindu community in India into my legislative work,” Ellison wrote in his statement. “I also pledge to highlight the persecution of Hindu minority communities throughout South Asia.”

The conference was moderated by the foundation’s executive director, Suhag Shukla, and was joined by Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and representatives from across the country from the Hindu and Indian-American communities. Much was discussed on the call, including Ellison’s focus on South Asia, which many believed ignored the concerns of Hindus in areas where they are the minority, according to a press release from the Hindu American Foundation.

Leaders on the call also questioned Ellison as to how, if elected chair of the DNC, he would work with the incoming four Hindu American Democrats in the House of Representatives to increase their engagement and involvement with America’s Hindu and Indian-American communities. They also directly questioned Ellison’s opinion of the 2002 Gujarat riots, which occurred while current Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of the state.

Ellison said he viewed the Gujarat conflict as a “closed matter,” since the Indian Supreme Court issued a ruling. “This should be seen in the broader context of my efforts to stand up for minority religious communities, and in no way detracts from my support for Hindus and Hinduism as one of the world’s great religions.” he wrote in his statement.