WASHINGTON (Diya TV) — Indian American Congressman Shri Thanedar has taken a stand against the rising tide of Hinduphobia in the United States, joining forces with Hindu leaders and organizations to combat hate crimes targeting the Hindu community.

Speaking at a gathering organized by HinduAction at the US Capitol, Thanedar expressed concerns about the alarming increase in discrimination and violence against Hindus. He emphasized the need to confront bigotry and ensure religious freedom for all Americans.

“We see a lot of Hinduphobia,” remarked Thanedar, highlighting incidents such as California’s SB403 bill banning caste discrimination and attacks on Hindu temples. He stressed the importance of fighting hatred and intolerance, asserting that there is no place for such sentiments in American society.

Suhag Shukla of the Hindu American Foundation echoed Thanedar’s sentiments, pointing out the prevalence of anti-Hindu bias on college campuses and the lack of awareness among law enforcement agencies. She raised concerns about hate crimes targeting Hindus and called for greater attention to these issues.

The gathering also featured personal accounts of individuals who have faced discrimination and violence due to their Hindu identity. Sunder Iyer, a prominent Silicon Valley entrepreneur, shared his experience of racial profiling and stereotyping by California’s Civil Rights Division, calling for an investigation into discriminatory practices.

Tejal Shah of the Hindu Temple Empowerment Council spoke about the emotional toll of recent attacks on Hindu temples, highlighting the trauma experienced by temple priests and community members. She emphasized the need for justice and accountability for these incidents.

In addition to addressing the immediate challenges facing the Hindu community, the gathering issued a joint statement urging Congress to formally recognize and address the growing problem of anti-Hindu hatred through a resolution.