SEATTLE (Diya TV) — Authorities have taken significant steps toward resolving a series of burglaries plaguing South Asian communities in the Seattle area. Five individuals hailing from Southern California have been arrested and charged in connection with at least 17 residential burglaries affecting Indian American and other South Asian residents in the Kirkland area and beyond.

The investigation, initiated in February following concerns raised by South Asian community members in Kirkland, rapidly gained traction. Surveillance footage and eyewitness accounts led law enforcement to identify and apprehend the suspects. The alleged burglars were frequently observed traveling between California and Washington, utilizing short-term rental properties and rental cars to facilitate their criminal activities.

Upon executing search warrants at one of the rental properties in Redmond, authorities uncovered a cache of stolen items, including over $17,000 in cash and high-end designer handbags. The evidence amassed during the investigation corroborated suspicions, linking the arrested individuals to the string of burglaries that had plagued the region.

Kirkland Police Chief Cherie Harris applauded neighbors for their cooperation, saying “this is an impactful and successful outcome for our community. Thank you to our community members for trusting law enforcement with your story and for all our community members’ assistance along the way.”

The arrested individuals, Lamar Curtis, Londra Jackson, Kenji Crutchfield, Eric Netterville Jr., and Aramis Williams, face multiple felony charges stemming from their alleged involvement in the burglaries. These charges include residential burglary and possession of stolen property in the first degree. They remain in custody at the King County Jail awaiting arraignment scheduled for April 10 at the King County Courthouse.

This series of burglaries targeting South Asian communities is not an isolated incident. Similar racially motivated burglaries have occurred in the past, echoing the urgency for ongoing vigilance and collaborative efforts between law enforcement and affected communities to combat such criminal activities effectively.