NEW YORK (Diya TV) — The Akshaya Patra Foundation was celebrated at the United Nations for a momentous achievement: providing 4 billion meals to Indian school children through the government’s Mid-Day Meal program. The event, hosted with the support of the Permanent Mission of India at the UN and the Indian government, highlighted the organization’s unwavering commitment to combating hunger and promoting education.

During the ceremony, Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, founder and chairman emeritus of Infosys, NR Narayana Murthy, and Akshaya Patra Foundation Chairman Madhu Pandit Dasa were among the distinguished attendees who acknowledged the significance of Akshaya Patra’s efforts.

The United Nations honored Akshaya Patra for its dedication to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG-2) – ending hunger. Established in 2000, the foundation has been instrumental in battling classroom hunger and improving nutrition among underprivileged students, ultimately encouraging greater school attendance and academic performance.

The foundation’s impact extends beyond India, with over 2.2 million children in approximately 24,000 schools receiving mid-day meals daily. Additionally, Akshaya Patra engages volunteers, youth ambassadors, and donors in the United States through Akshaya Patra USA.

Expressing their gratitude, the foundation stated, “We’re overflowing with pride and gratitude as we announce a historic milestone: Akshaya Patra has served 4 billion meals to India’s children through the PM Poshan Abhiyaan.” They also thanked the Government of India, the Ministry of Education, state governments, and all contributors for their support.

India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, Ruchira Kamboj, highlighted India’s proactive measures in ensuring food security and nutrition. She emphasized Akshaya Patra’s pivotal role in the global fight against hunger, reinforcing India’s commitment to sustainable development and global well-being.

Kamboj also praised India’s progress in addressing poverty, noting that over 415 million people have stepped out of poverty, well ahead of the 2030 target. She reiterated India’s mantra of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – One earth, one family, one future, underscoring the country’s holistic approach to sustainable development.

The event underscored Akshaya Patra’s vital contribution to achieving Zero Hunger (SDG 2) and Quality Education (SDG 4). The foundation, recognized by institutions like Harvard Business School, aims to feed 3 million children by 2025, furthering its impact on global hunger eradication and educational advancement.