Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon had a message to share on International Women’s Day.

MUMBAI (Diya TV) — Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon is literally done talking. She released a video ala Jude Law in ‘Love Actually’  and shared a message with the world through a series of cards in her hands and even though she did not utter a word, she certainly had a lot to say.

Check the video, which was posted to her Instagram account, below:

While she awaits the releases of her two most recent films —Raabta and Bareilly Ki Barfi — the actress released this statement in her video:

Celebrating women, their achievements and strengths on one particular day — March 8 — is easy, but how many among us actually respect and value these in our daily lives?

Not many, if the stats are anything to go by. Our streets remain unsafe for women. So, while most Bollywood actors promote the cause of women empowerment in the same old humdrum manner, Kriti Sanon does it with a note of near-resignation.

In a silent video she posted on Instagram, Kriti holds placards that say: “It’s Women’s Day. Or, same s***..different year. We will hear a lot of words today: Girl power, Women’s rights, Gender quality, Blah, Blah..Meanwhile, our streets are still unsafe. Glass ceilings remain rock solid. And others still decide what we should wear. All we do is talk, and I am done talking. Happy whatever.”