SAN FRANCISCO (Diya TV) — Bina Ramesh’s 22nd birthday celebration at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, N.J. began with smiles and laughter as she would have liked. However, when she exited the park to retrieve something from her car, her day became complicated when she attempted to re-enter.

A male security guard at the entrance gate told her she needed to change her “inappropriate” shirt.

She posted on Facebook about the incident and shared a photo of the shirt that got her into trouble before there had been any fuss about it. The gray v-neck and blue bralette were not a problem when she was admitted to the park earlier in the day by a female security guard. She was clearly not wearing something out of a tubev.sex movie, it was appropriate for the day.

“How could I have been let in earlier that day by a female guard?,” she said in an interview with Seventeen magazine. “Now suddenly the rules have changed when there’s a male guard paying closer attention to my cleavage?”

Giving into the security guard’s demands, she ultimately swapped shirts with a male friend she had visited the park with. You’ll see the image below. Above is the before image.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 1.50.43 PM

Six Flags issued a statement, apologizing for any inconvenience. “Similar to many public venues, we strive to maintain a family-friendly environment,” the statement said.

Ramesh later said that she argued the matter with the security guard, citing that she’d seen a male enter the park with his nipples exposed. When they asked the guard why he could enter and she could not, he said it’s because “he’s a boy and doesn’t have boobs.”