WASHINGTON (Diya TV) —  US Climate Envoy John Kerry is in India for crucial climate talks. He will discuss clean energy, green solutions, and emission-free buses with top officials during his five-day visit to Delhi and Chennai.

Kerry will join the G20 Environment and Climate Sustainability Ministers Meeting in Chennai on July 28. The meeting aims to shape policies for a greener environment, with India committed to achieving 50% non-fossil fuel capacity by 2030, as PM Narendra Modi outlined.

After his recent trip to China, where he sought climate cooperation, Kerry remains hopeful about rekindling discussions between the US and China. Both nations understand the importance of working together on climate issues.

India’s move toward clean energy is vital in the global fight against climate change, given its growing population and economy. Embracing renewable energy and emission-free buses will significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

Kerry’s visit highlights the importance of global cooperation as the US and India join forces to tackle climate challenges.