LONDON (Diya TV) — The UK government has taken a firm stance against China, announcing sanctions in response to cyber attacks targeting British democratic institutions. David Cameron, a prominent figure in UK politics, condemned the attacks, labeling them as threats to democracy.

Attributing the cyber attacks to China, the UK government revealed that organizations backed by the Chinese state were responsible for infiltrating parliamentary systems and compromising the personal information of millions of voters. The National Cyber Security Centre identified APT31, a China state-affiliated cyber actor, as the entity behind the malicious activities.

In response to these security breaches, the UK government has imposed sanctions, including travel bans and asset freezes, on individuals and entities involved in the cyber operations. This decisive action underscores the UK’s commitment to defending its democratic values and sovereignty against external threats.

The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office issued a statement reaffirming the UK’s solidarity with its allies in condemning China’s cyber aggression. The coordinated effort across the Five Eyes partnership highlights the global concern over China’s increasingly assertive behavior in cyberspace.

The revelations of cyber attacks on the UK’s electoral commission, compromising sensitive voter data, further escalate tensions between the UK and China. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak characterized China’s behavior as authoritarian and denounced it as a significant threat to global security and economic stability.

China, however, has rejected the UK’s accusations, dismissing them as baseless slander. Despite diplomatic tensions, the UK says they will do what is necessary to safeguard its democratic institutions and hold perpetrators of cyber attacks accountable.