WASHINGTON (Diya TV) — The House of Representatives voted 232-197 to impeach President Trump for “incitement of insurrection.” He is the first President to be impeached twice, with 10 Republicans joining Democrats to vote for the removal of the President, whose term ends January 20th. But the Senate will not convene until January 19th to hold a trial for the president.

A full week after the Capitol was stormed by his supporters, President Trump released a video saying he condemned the mob violence that left 5 people dead and threatened the lives of members of Congress. Trump took on a solemn tone and did not address being impeached, nor acknowledge his successor President-Elect Joe Biden.

After months of massive nationwide protests by India’s farmers, the Indian Supreme Court has put three contentious farm laws on hold until further notice. The court said the decision to suspend the laws “may assuage the hurt feelings of the farmers and encourage them to come to the negotiating table with confidence and good faith.” The farmers argue the new laws passed in September would privatize land and undermine their livelihoods by giving more power to corporations.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.