NEW DELHI (Diya TV) — Against the backdrop of simmering immigration tensions along the Mexico-U.S. border and President Biden’s declined invitation, Texas Governor Greg Abbott spearheaded a high-powered economic delegation to New Delhi, amplifying his state’s partnership with India. 

President Biden’s invitation to visit India during Republic Day was declined and then extended to Abbott, underscoring the nuanced landscape of U.S. foreign relations. Abbott’s strategic pivot to India comes at a time of escalating discord over immigration policies, with the Texas-Mexico border emerging as a focal point of contention.

Against this backdrop, Abbott’s presence at the 7th India-U.S. Forum in New Delhi took on heightened significance.

In a keynote address, Abbott hailed the symbiotic bond between Texas and India, highlighting shared values and aspirations. With a nod to Texas’ strategic location and India’s burgeoning economic prowess, Abbott underscored the imperative of nurturing the next generation of leaders to navigate global challenges.

Abbott met with Indian External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar, delving into avenues of collaboration, from energy to aerospace. Emphasizing Texas’ allure as a magnet for investment and innovation, Abbott outlined a blueprint for deeper engagement.

Accompanied by a formidable delegation, including First Lady Cecilia Abbott and Secretary of State Jane Nelson, Abbott’s mission represents a concerted effort to bolster economic corridors and cultivate cross-cultural exchanges. 

Indian companies inject over $1.4 billion in capital across 59 ventures in Texas, generating upwards of 10,300 jobs. Bilateral trade figures, totaling $20.4 billion in 2022, underscore India’s stature as Texas’ 11th-largest trading partner, amidst shifting geopolitical dynamics.

Abbott’s engagements with industry titans such as Adani Group’s Gautam Adani and tech luminaries like HCL Tech’s Rahul Singh epitomize the convergence of economic interests, transcending geopolitical fault lines.