NEW YORK (Diya TV) — A recent survey conducted by The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) sheds light on the pervasive issue of hate incidents faced by Asian American residents of New York City (NYC). According to the findings, more than half of Asian Americans in NYC have encountered insults, harassments, threats, or physical attacks in the past year due to their race or ethnicity.

The survey, titled ‘Asian American Perspectives: NYC Safety Study,’ involved interviewing 1,000 NYC-based Asian American respondents aged 16 and above between November 30 and December 19, 2023. The results underline the urgent need to address the safety concerns of the Asian American community in NYC.

Key findings from the survey highlight the alarming prevalence of hate incidents among Asian Americans in NYC. Shockingly, one in five respondents reported experiencing physical assault within the past 12 months. Additionally, a concerning 54% of those who experienced hate incidents did not report them to anyone, indicating a significant underreporting of such incidents.

Norman Chen, CEO of TAAF, emphasized the ongoing impact of anti-Asian hate rhetoric and violence, stating, “The othering of our community contributes not only to discrimination and prejudice in public spaces but also erodes any efforts toward equity and inclusivity for AAPIs.”

The survey also revealed that 62% of respondents witnessed someone else experience hate incidents, further highlighting the pervasive nature of anti-Asian sentiment in NYC. This widespread discrimination and violence have led to tangible shifts in behavior among Asian Americans, with 75% altering their daily routines to avoid encountering hate.

Despite the prevalence of hate incidents, barriers to reporting remain significant. Reasons for not reporting included reluctance to draw attention to oneself, lack of awareness about reporting procedures, and discomfort with reporting to law enforcement. These barriers underscore the need for increased awareness and accessibility of reporting mechanisms.

TAAF has outlined recommendations to address the safety concerns of Asian Americans in NYC, including increased investment in police and public agencies, enhanced mental health and legal services, and improved community programs and resources. These measures aim to create a safer and more inclusive environment for all residents of NYC.