WASHINGTON (Diya TV) — The Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton challenging President-Elect Biden’s election wins in four key states. The lawsuit aimed to overturn the results of the November presidential election in favor of President Trump. With this ruling, along with the certification of the election results from all 50 states, the electoral college will meet Monday to formally elect Biden as the next president.

The FDA approved a COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer & BioNTech, paving the way for millions of doses to be shipped right away. Patients will receive two shots over the course of 21 days. The vaccine comes at a time the coronavirus outbreak is setting records, with more than 3,000 deaths in a single day this week, and nearly 300,000 lost American lives.

Time Magazine named Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 2020’s Persons of the Year. Time says it picked the duo heading for the White House for changing the American story. Harris will become the country’s first female, first Black and first Indian American Vice President.

Ravi Kapur contributed to this report.