JHARKHAND, India (Diya TV) — Three men faced court in India, accused of gang-raping a Spanish travel vlogger during her global motorcycle journey with her husband. The couple, Fernanda, 28, and Vicente, 45, known as @vueltaalmundoenmoto on Instagram, were documenting their travels to 300,000 followers.

The assault occurred as the couple camped in the Dumka district of India’s Jharkhand state while en route to Nepal. They were attacked by a group of men who assaulted Vicente and raped Fernanda, leaving them severely injured.

In a tearful video, Vicente described the brutal attack, revealing injuries sustained from beatings with a helmet and stone. Fernanda, visibly bruised, emphasized that the attackers’ sole intent was rape, despite also being robbed.

The suspects, believed to be aged between 20 and 30, allegedly raped Fernanda in shifts. Authorities are actively pursuing four additional suspects linked to the assault.

The incident has ignited public outrage in India, prompting discussions about sexual violence and the justice system’s response.

While the couple received compensation of around £9,500, local authorities aim to expedite the trial and secure convictions for the perpetrators.

Despite the trauma, Fernanda and Vicente plan to return to Spain before continuing their global journey at a later time, having covered 170,000 km across 66 countries over the past five years.