Sonika Vaid, an Indian American singer from Martha’s Vineyard, has made a habit of impressing judges and past-winners of the hit TV show American Idol, has officially collected her yellow ticket, and is on her way to Hollywood.

Sonika Vaid performs on American Idol
Sonika Vaid performs on American Idol

Vaid coasted through the first group of finalists, showcased with a perfect rendition of Arianna Grande’s “Problem,” during group renditions. It wasn’t a far cry from her audition, where she belted out “a perfect performance,” according to singer Harry Connick Jr. Since then, past Idol winner and seven-time Grammy Award winner Carry Underwood has hitched her support to Vaid’s side.

Before her audition, Vaid was most concerned about standing out to the judges.

“I’d like to say I gave it a try,” Vaid said before her performance. “Looking around the room, there are a lot of girls, and they are beautiful and talented and I hope I stand out to the judges.”

After Vaid’s audition, Underwood tweeted: “@AmericanIdol Wow. I might have found a season favorite already! What a beautiful voice…” Ironically, during her audition, Vaid chose to perform a cover rendition of Underwood’s “Look at Me,” which led judge Harry Connick Jr. to opine, “that was a perfect performance. This is one of the only times, this particular season, that I saw somebody that I can think can actually win this thing.”

During an interview with FOX 25 News, Vaid said she’s been singing since the age of three, and got most of her practice in while singing at special events at a park near her childhood home.

Watch Sonika Vaid’s performance in Idol’s “Hollywood Week,” here:

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