EVERMAN, Texas (Diya TV) – Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, an American woman who fled to India earlier this year, has been indicted by a Texas grand jury for the murder of her missing six-year-old son with special needs, Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez. Cindy, accompanied by her Indian-origin husband Arshdeep Singh and six other children, left the US just before a welfare check revealed Noel’s disappearance. The charges include capital murder, two counts of injury to a child, and one count of abandoning without the intent to return.

Noel, born prematurely with physical disabilities, was last seen in late October or early November 2022. Witnesses reported him appearing “unhealthy and malnourished” in a hospital where his twin sisters were born. Cindy, accused of severe abuse and neglect, allegedly deprived him of food and water, branding him as “evil” or “possessed.” Investigations found Cindy’s claims of Noel being in Mexico false.

Despite Noel’s body not being found, the FBI and federal agencies aim to extradite Cindy, working on arrest warrants for abandoning and endangering Noel. Cindy’s husband, Arshdeep, reportedly disposed of a carpet before their departure to India. Search and rescue efforts near the family’s home continue. Chief of Police Craig Spencer emphasizes that the lack of a body won’t hinder the case, expressing determination to pursue justice for Noel. Experts note successful prosecutions without a body, emphasizing the ongoing commitment to bring Cindy to trial.