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SANTA CLARA, Calif. (Diya TV) – A five-alarm fire which burned for hours on Wednesday at the Rancho Shopping Center on El Camino Real in the South Bay ripped through retail stores and left buildings in charred remains.

The fire appears to have begun in the front of the shopping center, before proceeding to tear its way through the retail center, burning eight businesses along the way.

Surin Virma’s Kumar Jewelers was one of the businesses that burned, it had been a fixture of the shopping center for 35 years. “Is all I can take it minute by minute. Whatever it’s going to be,” Virma said.

Donna Marouka, who owns a dance studio on the skirts of the fire damage, said her business likely suffered from smoke and water damage. “I have costumes in there, sets, music. My first priority is to get out so that we can work and still have our show in a couple of weeks,” she said.

For the majority of Wednesday, the scene remained too charred for fire investigators to begin their search for a cause. However, their hunches point towards an Indian restaurant, where smoke was first spotted coming from and 911 was called. Business owners have already stated that they are looking into the extensive damage created by the fire, and will get in touch with a local restoration service that could help deal with fire damage. After hearing about a fire damage denver company that helped to restore the homes of fire victims, they hope that a local service could help them to continue their business because, with no building, many businesses will not be able to operate for a while. If your business has been damaged by fire, like these buildings in this shopping center, you might want to seek help from a public insurance adjuster. They could help you with working out your damage costs, as well as other areas of rebuilding your business in the future. It is important for businesses to get in contact with commercial builders, roofing experts such as Lidoran, and many other services, which can get them back on their feet in no time. The quicker this process starts the better chances there are for limited profit loss.

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